18 Mar


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This is me, I’m a Telecommunications Engineer which, I think, is something that defines how you are in personal life and work. I was born in “insert here George Orwell’s greatest book” and the hobby that I do for a living is web design and programming. When I started working after university I thought that Java was an extension of my fingers, but now I think that I would use PHP whenever possible: from a form validation script or a data analysis program to a shell script to be executed by cron. The thing is that I’m starting to look at Python in a different way, after having played with it for a while… That’s what I meant before: I always love to learn new things.

I also love travelling. I’ve visited lots of places, but I think that as a tourist you don’t get to know a place, that’s why I left my country. I hope the experience teaches me at least as much the most interesting job or as the most intense night in Madrid’s.

If you have seen the portfolio you already know that I’ve done very different projects: artists, professionals, companies, universities, journalists… I still love the web (and to be fair, I don’t think I will be getting fed up of it for some time) and all the new technologies that are about to be mainstream: HTML5, Javascript new APIs, CSS3, WebSockets, frameworks…

Anyway, if someday I get fed up with the web, I may look for work deploying radio links, administering a big network, programming video games… I don’t know. The thing I’m sure of is that I will always try to do what I love.

Maybe you are interested in taking a look to my CV. Here you can find a version without the personal data for obvious reasons: Curriculum Vitae. If you want to contact me, please feel free to send me an email. My address is in the “contact” section.